May 12, 2017
1 Year, 2 months and 10 days since
the event.
Welcome to the

2017 Gator Fun Run!

This year, we'll be hitting the track on May 12.

The schedule will be posted here soon and emailed out to families.

Please register and share your link with friends and family either through email, facebook or any other form of social media.

Don't forget - you can also raise funds offline and turn them in with the tracking form that was sent home.

Prizes will be given to students based on amount raised.  Like years past, if there are multiple students in the family, please register and fundraise as one family!

Prizes include:
$25 - Gator Gift Bag
$50 - Gator Gift Bag and t-shirt
$150 - Gator Gift Bag, t-shirt and a trip to Stevie B's during school hours (chaperoned by Yake PTO and Staff)

Please make sure to turn funds raised in by Friday, May 5 to insure your correct prize amount and correct shirt size.

If you have questions, please email Melissa Greer at

Thank you and Good luck raising funds!